Everything we discover about ourselves expands our relationship with life.

This is a never-ending relationship.

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You know the friendship real when people think y’all gay for each other 😂
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When Biggie Smalls first met Michael Jackson

Biggie nearly broke out in tears…I could tell how much this meant to him. Well, Michael could have this effect on anyone, even the most hardcore rappers! Biggie was tripping up on his words, bowing down and telling Michael how much his music had meant to him in his life. Michael was, as always, very humble and kept smiling while Biggie just went on and on how much he loved Michael. I watched Biggie just become this big butterball of a man, and it was really very sweet to witness. After all, we are all just people.”

- Rob Hoffman (Sound Engineer)

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Weekend Lesson:

There lives nothing real in our past — regardless of how disappointing or painful it may have been. Negative states, in general are part of an internal conspiracy to stir up the illusion that no choice exists for us other then to cave into their punishing presence. But, truth be told, that is not we who are without “choice” in that very moment.

“To everything there is a season”

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Tinashe - Bet (Feat. Devonte Hynes)

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Turn Ons:
  • Intimacy. Hold my waist. Stroke my neck. Kiss my forehead. Hold my hand. 
  • Maturity. Patience is amazing. A prize will come to you when the time is right. Its called falling in love. Waiting is hard. But worth it. 
  • Honesty. I don’t care what you’ve done. I care about what you will do in the future. Be honest with me, I’ll be honest with you. 
  • Care. Because not many people give a crap about anything anymore.

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Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.
 Rudyard Kipling (via feellng)
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its all gucci.

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